Child Shelters

If you run or work for a child shelter, officially called a Child Care Institution (CCI), please see the four steps below on how you can can identify abandoned kids in your care, and bring them into the legal adoption pool.

1Link your child shelter to a Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA)

The Central government has mandated that every CCI must be linked to a SAA. To link up, you can contact your District Child Protection Officer. The officer will link your CCI to the nearest SAA.

2Identify children under your care who either do not have a legal guardian, or the legal guardian hasn’t visited the child in the last 6 months.

If a child doesn’t have a legal guardian, present the child’s files to your district’s Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and request an adoption inquiry. The CWC will conduct the  adoption inquiry for the child and declare the child legally free for adoption.
Then share the child’s details with your linked SAA, and the SAA will enter the child’s information in the CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) system.

For children whose legal guardian has not visited them in the last 6 months, your shelter’s social worker must call or visit the legal guardian to evaluate whether that legal guardian wants the child.
If the legal guardian is unfit or uninterested in the child, you should present the child’s files to your district’s Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and inform them about the child’s situation, for the CWC to determine next steps.

3Do the child identification exercise on an ongoing basis

It is important for you to regularly identify abandoned children, to make sure these children enter the legal adoption pool and have a chance to reach a new family.

4Join our Family For Every Child (FFEC) program

WAIC can provide one-on-one training to your staff members on the above steps, and help you with the process of bringing abandoned kids into the legal adoption pool.
Please download our Family For Every Child (FFEC) program details and reach out to us at if you are interested.