#SafeSurrender: Participate

Public awareness about #SafeSurrender is abysmally low in India. Help protect vulnerable children by spreading the word today!

Share the #SafeSurrender Video

Watch this 1-minute video about Safe Surrender. Share the video in Hindi, English, Marathi or Telugu widely with your friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues.

Spread the Word On-The-Ground

1. Organise a Safe Surrender event in your office, college, school, or community club, and screen the Safe Surrender 7-minute short film . Reach out to us at campaign@waic.in if you would like to discuss how to plan the event.

2. Print and put up Safe Surrender posters in high footfall areas, such as your office, shop, hospital, apartment complex etc. Reach out to us at campaign@waic.in and we will send you the poster designs for your language and city. Check out this poster design for Pune as a reference:

THANK YOU for participating in the campaign and helping educate every single citizen of our country about #SafeSurrender. Together we can ensure a future for every vulnerable child.