Raise Your Voice

Today is the day you can raise your voice for India’s most vulnerable children. By sending messages to relevant government bodies today, all of us are demanding that abandoned and orphaned children are protected and have a functional path to reach their forever family.

We have created the messages and compiled the social media handles, email IDs, and phone numbers of the relevant government bodies. You just need to copy, paste, and send!

Let’s get started. Please select your state below. (If you are outside India, please select the state that you most associate with, or select international).

Andhra Pradesh Kerala Telangana
Arunachal Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Tripura
Assam Maharashtra Uttar Pradesh
Bihar Manipur Uttarakhand
Chhattisgarh Meghalaya West Bengal
Goa Mizoram Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Gujarat Nagaland Chandigarh
Haryana Odisha Dadar and Nagar Haveli
Himachal Pradesh Punjab Daman and Diu
Jammu and Kashmir Rajasthan Delhi
Jharkhand Sikkim Lakshadweep
Karnataka Tamil Nadu Puducherry