We are failing to protect the most vulnerable children in India. The number of children in Child Care Institutions (CCIs, aka shelters) ranges from 3.5 – 4 lakhs. The number of children that are in the legal adoption pool at any point is fewer than 2000. On the other hand, 30,000 couples and singles are registered and waiting to adopt.

Why is there no reconciliation for the wide chasm
between 4,00,000 and 2000?

  • General apathy and lack of pre-adoption process understanding
  • Status of legal guardians for children at shelters is unclear
  • Abandoned and Orphaned children are not tracked and highlighted for adoption
  • No Real-Time Dashboards or Insights into the children living in the shelters
  • No incentive for CCI to promote the adoption

Permanent solutions are possible. At WAIC, with the support of the local WCD governments, we are working to ensure that abandoned and orphaned children are accounted for and reach a positive outcome in the best interest of the child.

Digitize records of the 4,00,000 children in CCIs and flag eligible children. Use our tech , Child Lifecycle Management Solution (CLMS), and work with the State and District WCD Departments to process the cases of eligible children to move them into the legal adoption pool.
Through research, representation, and public awareness, support the authorities in creating clearer guidelines and rules that govern the adoption enquiries of children in shelters
Over 30,000 relevant stakeholders need to be sensitized and trained

WAIC has adopted a 3-Pronged Approach to tackle the challenges

Digitize records of the 4,00,000 Children in CCI and flag eligible children for adoption.


Sensitize and train over 30,000 relevant stakeholders


Through research, representation, and public awareness, support authorities to make policy changes that govern the adoption mechanism


Unregistered & illegal child shelters continue to thrive,
endangering children

Publish monthly
data of child
protection bodies
Make selection and training of child welfare committee rigorous and competitive
Make child welfare as an autonomous constitutional body

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explanation of Issues and Proposed Solutions below:

Ask 1 : Deploy the best long-term technology solutions to make every child ‘visible’ in every CCI across India. Use technology for shelter home management and government processes to ensure good data-based decisions about the child’s welfare, such as moving eligible children to the legal adoption pool.
Ask 2 : State governments must monthly publish the number of children who are abandoned and orphaned, the number of children in CCIs, and dates of checks on CCIs. States must also monthly publish their progress in providing Aadhaar Cards for every child in CCIs.
Ask 5 : Publicly post the monthly performance data of the district level child protection bodies: Child Welfare Committees (CWCs) and District Child Protection Units (DCPUs). Aggregated data of proactive CCI visits, cases handled, and decisions made should be publicly reported. Hold a rigorous selection process for CWC positions, and make training a prerequisite for the job, rather than a post-requisite.