Key Highlights
Of Our Work So Far


MoU with State Govt for Mumkin in partnership with Bal Asha Trust as our partner for the entire State.


MoU with State Govt for Multiple
projects for the entire State.

The impact of our work has been multi-fold

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Children’s records digitized
Number of CCIs covered
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Children declared
Legally Free for


Children Adopted


Children reserved
for adoption

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Government social
workers and
Child Shelter
workers trained


Identifying Abandoned and Orphaned Children in Child Care Institutions (CCIs aka Child Shelters) and Supporting their Movement into the Legal Adoption Pool using our technology solution CLMS and extensive fieldwork

With the support of the Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD) in Maharashtra, along with our partner, we are working in multiple districts of Maharashtra.

1. Project associates visit every Child Care Institution in the district, and digitize the data of children who are staying in the CCI in our technology solution CLMS

2. Based on certain indicators, the rule engine in CLMS recommends children for adoption evaluation.

3. Project associates prepare the documentation and present the identified children’s cases in front of the Child Welfare Committee.

4. Based on the CWC orders, our project associates update the child’s record in our CLMS and work on the adoption process for the child including giving paper publication, following up for the final non-traceability report etc.

5. Once the process timelines are complete, the CWC declares the child legally free for adoption. Thereafter our associates work with the linked specialised adoption agency to upload the child’s record on the CARINGS PORTAL so that child can be matched with a waiting parent.

6. On an average it takes anywhere between 2-4 months for a child to be declared legally free for adoption.

1.Training our implementation partners in digitizing the children’s data and entering the data in agreed CCIs to our CLMS solution and training them on the process of the ground.

2.Training them on how to update the CLMS solution on the cases that are being worked on.


With the support of the Commissioner of Women and Child Development (WCD) In Telangana we have signed an MOU for multiple projects

1. Visiting every Child Care Institution in the districts of Telangana and digitizing the data of every child in the CCI in our technology solution CLMS.

2. Present the children identified by CLMS for adoption evaluation in front of the Child Welfare Committee and monitor the orders given, following-up with the District Child Protection Unit if the orders are being implemented is one of the major tasks of our team after the digitization of the children’s data.

3. Providing ground support for local authorities to assess the cases of identified children and complete the documentation, so they can bring eligible children into the legal adoption pool.

4. Training the SAA and CCI social workers, Child Welfare Committee (CWC) members, and District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) social workers, specifically on the rules and processes of bringing abandoned and orphaned children into the legal adoption pool, as laid out in the Juvenile and Justice Act 2015, and the CARA Adoption Regulations.

We have been identified as a resource for adoption-related training in Telangana. So far, we have trained close to 400+ stakeholders of the WCD Telangana including District Child Protection Units, Child Welfare Committees, Social Workers, and outreach workers.

We conduct regular consultative sessions with CWC and DCPU to present our findings and plan next steps for identified children.

We have conducted consultative sessions with WCD’s tech development partner and presented them with the requirements and functional specifications to build CLMS in the ongoing Child Protection Management Information System (CPMIS) being developed by the Telangana WCD.

We have been selected as one of the members of the State Inspection Committee (SIC) to inspect CCIs as per the JJ Act.