In India, a parent needs to register with CARA ( Child Adoption Resource Authority) to initiate the process of adoption. For more details, please visit cara.nic.in

While you are waiting for your child to come home, read adoption-related books, and listen to adoption stories. There are a lot of adoption groups on facebook and instagram. Join the groups to know more and take the support of fellow prospective parents and parents who have adopted. Register for counselling from an adoption counsellor.

In India, a parent needs to register with CARA ( Child Adoption Resource Authority) to initiate the process of adoption. Every country has their own adoption laws and process. We can only provide information about adoptions in India. The process of adoption from India is not tedious. Yes, there is paperwork, but even when we are buying a house, we have tons of paperwork, and here we are bringing home a child.

One can find all the details about the rules for adoption on the CARA website. Please check the Adoption Regulations for more information.

Parents who are ready to adopt need to register on the CARINGS portal. Adoption in India is governed by CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority). For more information, please visit cara.nic.in

The only legal method to adopt in India is through CARA. For more information, please visit cara.nic.in

All of India is governed by the Juvenile Justice Act. There is no separate adoption law for a State

Parents can register to adopt siblings but cannot adopt not two unrelated children at the same time. For more information, please check the Adoption Regulations

The Hindu Adoption Maintenance Act (HAMA) allows adoption between two private parties. The adoption has to follow the rules of HAMA for both the party giving up the child for adoption and the party adopting the child.

Yes, you would need an agency who will conduct your Home Study and produce a Home Study Report which is an important document in the adoption process. During the registration process, you can select the agency for your home study.

As difficult as it might be for you, it is important to tell the child about their adoption. Disclosure is an important part of the adoption process for a parent and knowing about their adoption is a part of a child’s identity. Various NGOs counsel parents through this process. If you are unsure about how to, you can contact them for counselling and advice.

Please write to us at team@waic.in with details. We will be able to help only when we know your needs.