Ensuring that every abandoned and orphaned child living in India’s
Child Care Institutions (CCIs aka child shelters) goes through adoption
evaluation and assessment by the local WCD authorities and reaches
the central legal adoption pool to be matched with a waiting parent.

With your support, we have made considerable impact and
significant strides in our work.

The impact of our work has been multi-fold

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Children’s records digitized

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Districts covered

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Children declared Legally Free for Adoption

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Children eligible for adoption evaluation

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Cases being worked on

We continue to expand our operations in Maharashtra and Telangana. We are expanding to Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka soon. Together, we can pave the path for a #family4EveryChild.

Our target for this fundraiser is INR 50 Lakhs.

Help us
reach more children.


Pallavi* was found
in a railway station
when she was 5.


Pallavi* was found in a railway station when she was 5. Her process was started, and a paper notification was given, but the child was not declared legally free for adoption due to various delays and Pallavi languished in the shelter for over four years.

With the approval of WCD, when WAIC started work with CCIs, our tech solution CLMS flagged Pallavi's case for adoption evaluation. Our field workers supported the WCD in getting her declared legally free for adoption. We are happy to share, Pallavi reached her forever family in 2022.

* Name changed to protect privacy.

CWC Medchal-Malkajgiri,
Telangana, Chairperson,
Mr. Raja Reddy
Mr. Rakesh Reddy,
UNICEF Consultant to
WCD, Telangana

WAIC has greatly improved the adoption ecosystem in Telangana by supporting the government home with training, streamlining the process, and providing WAIC’s technology solution, CLMS. WAIC’s intervention has resulted in nearly 100+ children being included in the legal adoption pool. The aim is for Telangana to become a model state in adoption, and the partnership between Telangana WCD and WAIC will persist to advance this goal.


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Suggested Donation Amounts

We appreciate any amount you can donate. Sometimes we are asked
for guidance on amounts. Following is a guide:

This covers the expenses of one full time
ground-worker for one month, to assess
approximately 20 children.

Assessment of all Children
in a District:
3,00,000 INR

This is for us to pay to assess all the children
in CCIs in a district, and bring all eligible
children into the legal adoption pool.

Upgrade and Maintenance of
Our Technology: 25,000 INR
per month

Maintenance of our tech solution by our
tech partner is needed as we are constantly
taking feedback from the ground and
upgrading our tech solution.

Advocacy and Public
Awareness: 30,000 INR
per month

To fulfil a child’s right to family, we need to do
qualitative and quantitative research to present
to the government to make changes in the
policy. Our Public awareness programs, both
offline and online need your support.