Gaps in ground implementation of the child protection mechanism are hurting lakhs of children. There are too many human failure points in the system. There is no verified data, no foolproof way of establishing a child’s identity, no automated tracking of a child’s contact with family (or lack thereof) over time, no auto-flagging of children whose cases need to be reviewed, no automated real-time reporting, and no escalation, among other issues.

Our technology solution, Child Lifecycle Management Solution has been developed to solve all the above challenges. We use CLMS to digitise, manage, track, and audit the ground-level processes of children in CCIs. CLMS has been developed as an Open Source technology solution which can be used by CCIs, and relevant government bodies, to manage the status of all vulnerable children who reach CCIs, and to ensure the movement of children into the legal adoption pool where applicable, giving all children a chance to reach their forever family.

We have
created 20 categories
to classify a child based on
the child's guardian status.

Comprehensive case history and details of the length of stay in a shelter, guardian’s visitation frequency, applicable documents for a child based on the classification, and cases worked on and more details collected for every child in a CCI are entered in the CLMS. 20 categories have been created to classify a child based on the child’s guardian status. Using indicators like the category of a child and visitation frequency of the guardian, CLMS’s rule engine recommends children for adoption evaluation. These children are then processed on the ground by our project associates based on the orders given by the Child Welfare Committee. The children’s cases are tracked in CLMS by keeping track of the ground process and the documentation that has been completed till the child reaches the legal adoption pool in the central CARINGS portal. The WAIC team uses CLMS to enter data, update data, and track the children’s cases till they reach the CARINGS portal.

Different user-level access has been given so that a user is only able to access the data which they are allowed. For example, a district-level WCD official can only see the data of all the CCIs in their district, whereas a State WCD official will be able to see the data of all the districts in that State.

CLMS has been developed by our technology partner SocialBytes.
CLMS has been developed using the following software:


Note: Data shown in the images is mock data from a training instance