Communications Lead

Position : Communications Lead
Type : Permanent Position with 6 months probationary period
Location : Remote

About WAIC :

Vision & Mission :

Our vision is to find a #Family4EveryChild. Our mission is to ensure that all eligible abandoned, orphaned, and surrendered children across India are accounted for, and reach a positive outcome in the best interest of the child (including the legal adoption pool).

WAIC (Where are India’s Children) is working to ensure every child in child care Institutions reaches the legal adoption pool and potentially reaches a forever family. WAIC’s flagship project is technology- enabled fieldwork.

Purpose :

WAIC (Where are India’s Children) is conducting projects to assess the status of children in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) and determine the next step for every child in Telangana and Maharashtra. We seek candidates interested in the social sector communications space to work closely with our leadership team to pitch, spread and expand our brand value as much as possible.

Role :

We seek a Communications Lead who will play a pivotal role in increasing awareness of our organization and expanding our reach to a broader audience. This position requires a creative thinker who can develop and implement effective communication campaigns and manage the organization’s online presence (website, social media channels).

Responsibilities :
  • Content Creation:

    1. Develop high quality and engaging content for our website and social media platforms.

    2. Collaborate with the team to gather information and insights for content creation.

    3. Develop reports, case studies, field stories, videos, photos and other media content which can be put on public forums and platforms to help spread awareness of our work.

    4. Ensure content is aligned with the organization’s vision and mission.

    5. Edit and proofread content for accuracy and consistency.

  • Social Media Management:

    1. Create and execute social media campaigns to increase brand awareness and engagement.

    2. Monitor social media trends, track analytics, and adjust strategies accordingly to stay ahead of the curve.

    3. Maintain consistency in brand messaging and tone of voice across all platforms.

    4. Maintain and update the website regularly to ensure that our work is posted regularly for the public to view.

  • Internal & External Communication:

    1. Assist in internal communication efforts, including newsletters, announcements and organization updates.

Requirements and Qualifications :
  1. 2-4 years of relevant work experience in the communications arena is preferred.

  2. A Master’s degree in Public Policy, Mass communications or a related field.

  3. Proficient in English lanuage, speaking and writing.

  4. Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills.

  5. Attention to detail.

  6. Must be creative and innovative in generating ideas for communication materials to achieve broad outreach.

  7. Proficiency in with social media platforms management.

Interested candidates can send their profile to along with their mobile number. Please send the mail with a subject line
“Reg: <Communications Lead: From <Name>>

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