#SafeSurrender Campaign


Did You Know? There is an alternative to the horrendous news we hear everyday about the state of unwanted children in India.

When a vulnerable parent or guardian does not have the capacity to raise their child or is unwilling to raise their child, unsafely abandoning the child, trafficking, illegal adoption, or putting the child forever in a shelter are NOT the only options.
The parent or guardian can safely and legally surrender the child at the nearest specialised adoption agency, terminating their parental rights, and letting the child enter the legal adoption process.

What is Safe Surrender and why is it critical?

The Juvenile Justice Act of India allows parents and guardians to legally surrender their child without any consequences. This child-centric provision ensures that children are pulled out of potentially life-threatening, neglectful, abusive, or dangerous situations by providing an alternative path to their parents/guardians.

Without the option to safely surrender a child, a vulnerable parent may continue to keep the child in an unsafe situation or give away the child in illegal adoption/trafficking. An unwanted child may be thrown away by the parents, causing lifelong physical injuries and mental trauma, assuming the child even survives. Allowing a parent or guardian to safely and legally surrender a child, first and foremost protects the child, makes the child visible to child protection agencies, and brings the child into the legal adoption framework.

Why we ALL need to understand Safe Surrender?

As a society, we judge and shame parents or guardians who either don’t want to raise their child, or do not have the capacity to raise their child.  This judgement ultimately hurts the child. Instead we should create awareness about #SafeSurrender and guide a vulnerable parent/guardian to the nearest adoption agency if such a need arises.

Participate in the #SafeSurrender Campaign!

Public awareness about Safe Surrender is abysmally low in India, leading to horrendous outcomes for children. Participate in the #SafeSurrender Campaign and help spread the word in Indian languages, such that the information reaches each and every citizen of India!

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