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Open Democracy – Adopting a child is a revolutionary act

The gravity of the situation of India’s most vulnerable children escapes attention because it’s an under-reported topic in the media and hasn’t been prioritised by government, thus leading to a lack of awareness among the general public as a whole. But there are approximately 30 million orphaned and abandoned children in the country according to UNICEF.

eShe TV – Stop Child Abandonment, Promote Adoption

In the first episode of eShe TV, where we meet interesting women and learn new things about our world, editor Aekta Kapoor talks to Pune-based child-rights campaigner Smriti Gupta about solutions for stopping child abandonment and creating awareness about ‘safe surrender’ of children to the legal adoption pool.

News 18 – COVID Has Orphaned Thousands of Children. Here’s How You Can Help Them, Legally

As COVID-19 has ravaged our nation, it has been particularly heart-wrenching to read stories about children who have become orphans, losing both parents to the disease. It’s impossible to know exactly how many are affected. Official numbers indicate we have lost more than 2.4 lakh people to COVID, with real numbers expected to be much higher. We can safely estimate that many thousands of young children have lost one or more caregivers, and the remaining family members may not be ready or capable to take them in.

The Bridge Chronicle – A family needs them

Smriti Gupta is a mother to two adopted girls and come November 14, Gupta, alongwith other parents, will be writing an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and heads of other government bodies. They want the authorities to take notice of Indian children, who are abandoned, orphaned and have not found their way to adoption pool.