I have always wanted to do more

[We are very thankful for the key volunteers who are making things happen. Neha Goel, an IIT alum and corporate warrior, shares why she is passionately volunteering for the WAIC campaign.]

I always wanted to do something for children since I have always felt a connection with them — it might be a child begging on the road, a child with a running nose, or one in imported clothes. All of them are equal to me and mean a lot to me.

The daily news about child trafficking, sex trade, inhuman treatment at shelters disturbs me to the core… when I see a destitute child, I try to talk to him in order to figure out if he has been kidnapped or forced to beg, and have been able to help few children through timely assistance from Childline. However this step alone cannot solve the huge and complex issues surrounding destitute children in India.

I have always wanted to do more. When I got to know about this campaign I was thrilled to see that someone is trying to make real change happen. Also the campaign is run by Smriti who is one of the best people I have ever come across — she has been working for these issues tirelessly. With her clear cut approach and positive attitude the campaign will surely be successful. Working with the campaign team has been an honour. All the best to everyone who has been working relentlessly to make this campaign a success!!

– Neha Goel