Conducting a study of CCIs and SAAs in Pune

We believe that technology is a much-needed tool for sustainability, scalability, and transparency in any child welfare process or mechanism. Excessive dependence on manual processes in a complex system across 700+ districts means vulnerable children can fall through the cracks, instead of moving through the system and reaching a permanent resolution in the best interest of the child.

WAIC technology roadmap involves working with district child welfare authorities, child care institutions (CCIs) and specialised adoption agencies (SAAs) to deploy and/or enhance technology solutions which can digitise, assist, trigger, and report the process of managing positive outcomes for children in the CCIs. To this end, thanks to the permission granted by Pune WCD authorities, we are now conducting a study of selected CCIs and SAAs in Pune to understand and analyse their operational processes.

We hope to build technology requirements as well as operational recommendations from this study, and share these widely. Our vision is a technology platform where verified real-time data is used to not only trigger and guide next steps for children, but also to ease enforcement, fix blockers, and ensure that no vulnerable child remains invisible.To learn more about our technology vision, check out the technology overview deck in What We Do.