A vulnerable mother needs our support, not judgement. Helping the society understand #SafeSurrender

Not a day passes without news about a child being thrown in the garbage dump, or illegal adoption rackets hurting children, or children being abused in orphanages and shelters. Did you know, all of this is avoidable?

As a society, we judge and shame parents who are incapable or unwilling to raise their child. This judgement ultimately hurts the child because to avoid social shame, parents either quietly abandon the child in a horrible place, secretly give the child in illegal adoption, or keep the child in a neglectful environment.

Instead of judging and shaming parents, we should inform them about Safe Surrender to protect the child. Indian law allows parents and guardians to safely and legally surrender a child at a specialised adoption agency (SAA). India has more than 350 specialised adoption agencies, where the child can be safely surrendered, thus allowing the child to enter the legal adoption process and get a chance to be adopted by commitment and caring parents. Public awareness about Safe Surrender is abysmally low in India. You can help change this. Learn about #SafeSurrender from this 1-minute video and spread the word as much as you can. Your effort today could save the life and future of a vulnerable child.